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Reader Feedback - This Way Is Easier Dad

I get some mail, from friends and readers, and this is one place I will try and keep it all together. I propose to add comments as they come. I will also leave out the reviews from publications which I will keep separate.

Hi Uncle. I read around 15 chapters yesterday after you left. I really enjoyed it. Had a smile on my face throughout! I also really liked the parallels you drew with your personal thought process. Dad and I were discussing it too. It's a precious book, Uncle.

- Tanvi Jyoti, 22, NLU Jodhpur

Hari, wonderful book, touched my heart!1 Can read over and over for a new learning every time! I loved it.

- Nisha, Teacher, Bengaluru

Hi Hari, here are some thoughts on your new book:

I read it through in virtually one sitting, so obviously it was engrossing and captivating. The open style makes it very easy to read, all the little incidents described are very ordinary, every-day things that happen to most of us, but Anjali’s unique perspective comes through brilliantly in every one of them. Some I could relate to more closely than others – for example, just before I read the book I was on a morning walk and I saw a rickshaw driver still asleep on the back seat of his rick; the sheet he had drawn over himself was trailing out of the rick, touching the ground; my first thought was to pick it up and put it into the rick, but something held me back, perhaps the two ladies sitting on a bench nearby; on my way back, I passed the rick and then noticed that it was still lying as it had been, but by then I was already ahead and didn’t turn back. I was reminded of this immediately on reading the incident where you didn’t throw your candy out of the car for the kid to catch!

Knowing Anjali (and her family) made most of the incidents more interesting for me, and also made me realise how much more I’d have liked to know her or rather spend time with her. It really is amazing how simply and clearly a kid can think, how much easier it really does make life seem, and how badly we’ve messed things up by losing (or rather suppressing) that natural tendency.

Lots of things she says makes me want to do just that, starting from simply smiling in order to feel happy, to enjoy and see the positive in whatever’s happening to or around me, to be grateful in difficult situations, staying calm in panic situations at work, right up to going ahead and hugging that member of the opposite sex!

At the same time, I’m glad to find in there some things I already do, like calling or reaching out to people even if they don’t call me, not letting go of the landline phone or the concept of letters (still hope to write a couple!), voluntarily giving up my LPG subsidy, being content with ‘just being’, smiling at strangers, (occasionally) painstakingly cleaning the car, the windows, the fans or even the utensils, receiving gracefully and without a sense of obligation...

The title is perfect, the illustrations are really good (those who know you and Anjali can easily see the likeness, and for the others, they are top quality sketches – compliments to Chacha Surendra).

The ‘my way...’ bits are good but sometimes repetitive in theme; the ‘return gifts’ tend to make it sort of a management book (albeit on life and not business).

I’m not sure if the formal grouping into parts was really necessary, and I suspect some of the incidents are not chronological as a result. I at least did not pay much attention to the titles of the parts.

There are a few things that slipped past the proof readers, mostly in the nature of absence of a space at the end of a sentence. I did come across something more serious like a missing word, but I can’t find it now.

All in all, a great read, refreshing, enlightening, getting you to think about a few things, and importantly, bringing a smile to your face in almost every piece. So well done, and thanks a million to dear little Anjali for all that she’s been to you and to us over the last nine years; I’m sure she’ll bring us more lessons even as she grows up.

After ‘The Men Within’, this is a really good book; I didn’t quite enjoy “If You Love Someone...”, and though ’50 Not Out’ was good, this is definitely better!

Already looking forward to the next one...

Love and best wishes,

- Parth, Senior Executive, Pune

Dear Hari,

I read your book ‘This Way is Easier, Dad. I enjoyed reading it, because you have written it so beautifully. Moreover, the incidents that you shared about Anjali are so simple and sweet and I was able to visualise them because of knowing you both. It also brought back memories of Neha’s childhood.

I enjoyed the interviews with Anjali the most. I was overwhelmed by the innocence and frankness of a child. The sketches after each illustration are commendable.

The incidents, helps to look at life through a child’s eyes and makes one realise that life is simple and can be enjoyed without complicating it. I am sure all those who read this book will be enlightened.

Congratulations to you and Anjali.

My best wishes for your future endeavours.


- Maria, Pune

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This Way is Easier, Dad

-Harimohan Paruvu

So happy I read it!!!

Anjali is such a beautiful human.

Half way through the book, I thought its a must read for every father and daughter looking at the relationship between Hari Uncle and Anjali. But eventually, I realized that it's a MUST READ for everyone who want to learn from the little and simple things in life. It's a perfect self-help book and not like the usual dull, long, boring ones like the usual, I can't tell you how beautifully it was put into words.

This is one of those books I wouldn't mind reading how many ever times to help myself face things and look at them in a not so complicated manner.

It's beautiful how the author noticed the little details that were a part of his daughter's life and wrote about how his daughter helped evolve as a person. To be honest, I changed my perspective towards so many things after reading this book. I considered my opinion about so many things during the period of reading this book. I feel so refreshed after reading it.

Nobody else could've put Anjali's perception towards life in better words than this.

It also teaches how parents SHOULD spend quality time with their kids and not by simply giving them gadgets and other luxuries in life. No, that's not the only thing that a kid want, there's so much more than that. I'm sure you'll fall in love with the relationship of the author and his daughter though.

You wouldn't want the book to end. I didn't take a break till I was done with the book. I never give any book reviews about the books that I read so I hope you all know how much I want you guys to read this book.

P.S. At the end of every chapter, there's "A Return Gift for You" which gives you the best life advice in a very well written manner.

-Sagarika Koneru, 18, Law student, Christ University

Hello Hari !

I have just finished reading the book , which you gave us yesterday!

I have relived Aditya 's childhood days , and understood where all I have missed going along with him, and lost him ....

But , how lucky you are , spending the wonderful time with Anjali and going along with her and you had the privilege of sharing your experiences and preserving them too !

About Anjali....

Like in one episode I felt she will be an excellent coach, in one she will be an excellent teacher, excellent host, excellent boss, good painter,good engineer ,scientist........ultimately I am feeling she will be wonderful in any given role and wonderful human being .....just because she had both of you as parents.

How I wish all younger generation go through your book and make their children grow up freely in spirit like you have done .

How I wish I have another chance to bring up Aditya , so that he can have a better childhood than he had .

You have succeeded in what you wanted to say Hari , through your book!

Especially your interviews with Anjali, how nicely they are explaining her growth pattern . Keep it up !

All the very best to three of you .Stay Happy and Healthy always!


- Padmapriya, 55, Rtd Bank Officer

Enjoying this book immensely. Harimohan genuinely learns from his child's innocently-wise musings. There isn’t a false note in this format – which could have so easily sounded like a parent projecting a child as a precocious prodigy. The tender parent-child conversations that take place are clearly real, and not merely manufactured vehicles by the writer to ‘give gyan’. The gentle title and the sub-title of the book drew me to it at once. Congratulations to the publisher too, for producing a good-looking book.

- Gauri Dange, Writer, Blogger and Counsellor (Author of parenting books - ABCs of Parenting, More ABCs of Parenting and Always a Parent)

Hi Hari,
Have always connected with your style of writing. Every word feels just right and from the heart.

"This Way is Easier Dad" - To start with, loved the attractive.

Moving on, every incident brings about a smile and loads of memories. The narration is easy and flowing.

One had to be 'in the moment" or "mindful" to catch those precious moments and interactions and to translate them into learnings. Kudos!

What I loved the most is the " My way...My approach...My method" part...everyone of them rang a bell. It takes a lot to discern how we complicate our thinking as adults. The fact that the twisted thought process has been observed and presented so simply and clearly is daring and commendable to say the least.

To pick a favourite incident is hard but I vote for "Are Snakes Ladders Too" just for the 'Wheeee' - can almost hear it. :).

Congratulations and bestest wishes.

- Reena, Hyderabad

"This Way is Easier Dad" - Harimohan Paruvu
This book is a must-read.

Attractive cover and catchy title. Like all Harry's books, he surprises the readers with little, subtle new things in book.

In this book, 'Return gift to you,' sums up all thoughts and it is really good.

This book has invaluable conversations, thoughts, reflections which we often miss to observe in our own life.

This book is best because of many reasons.

How often do we spent time with children, answering all their questions. How often do we listen to them? How often do we observe their learning process?

The author did everything. He observed the minutest of minute emotions evoked in Anjali, answered her questions patiently and listened to her every time. The book is the evidence and it shows up everything. I wish all parents spent enough time with their kids rather than solacing them with gadgets.

I feel happy for the little kid who is making her life easy and also helping others through her thoughts to make their life easy.

The author wrote down the most subtle, important life lessons taught by his daughter.

This book reminded me of how often I fail to enjoy the life like Anjali.

This book made me rethink about how I approach few things in my life.

I could relate to the daughter and also Dad at times. The grown up in me resonated with Harry. The child in me resonated with Anjali.

Few lessons seemed so simple but, I wondered how I couldn't think in a way a child thought which made life easy.

Noticing the writing style, the book is outstanding. Author did great job, writing in a simple manner. The writing was so simple that I thought it'd be a easy read but, conversations in the book chained me with few thoughts to reflect and re think. At last to say, it wasn't an easy read.

I'd suggest everyone to read this book to rearrange their thought process which makes life easier.

There are many lessons to be taken from this book. Will discuss later in other blog posts.
- Abhinay Renny, 22 years, IT Professional

What a wonderful book. Don't read it once and keep it back in your bookshelf. Definitely read it more than once, you'll learn more than one lesson from each incident.
Children are God's gifts. This book and the conversations between the father-daughter duo are a proof of it.
- Customer review Amazon

It is wonderful how children have their own and a completely different way of looking at the world. What appear to be complex social issues to us are to them, just simple situations that can be won over with love! Maybe because their hearts are still un-tampered by the prejudices we hold, maybe because they refuse to worry about the past or the future and simply choose to live in the present. They can teach us the biggest lessons in life with their subtle gestures and we need only listen. Mr. Harimohan did just that with his 10 yr old daughter Anjali. This book celebrates and treasures those little things Anjali taught him, made all the more beautiful by the author’s simple yet captivating style of writing.  
A couple of chapters into the book you start seeing the unconditional kindness and the ever-flowing optimism of this little girl that will make you fall in love with her. She shows great clarity of thought as she slowly understands and arrives at conclusions about this world. All the things around us we take for granted by us are shown in a much more compassionate light, through the eyes of a 10-year-old. The way Mr. and Mrs. Paruvu nurture all of these virtues and coax her to become an empathetic and strong girl deserves great praise. My personal favorite is the one where she tells her nanna that he could’ve thrown the candies out of the car to a street kid nearby. It left me with just one word. WoW!

This book not only gives you parental goals and life lessons in par with any MBA but also takes you all the way down the memory lane to your childhood and fills you with warmth. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to get a whole new perspective on life. I made my whole family read it!
- Meghana, Trainee Engineer, UX Design

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